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        About us

        About us

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        An Introduction to ChaohuUniversity



        University’s Motto---- To unite knowledge and practice ; to develop virtues and learning simultaneously


               ChaohuUniversity, established in 1977, is a state-run and multi-subject provincial institution offering full-time undergraduate courses.

        The University is situated in the picturesque Bantang Resort and Vacation District which is well-known for its thermo-spa sanatoria and holiday inns in the east of Chaohu, a city embracing the ChaohuLake in the central part of AnhuiProvince. At present its campus covers 86 hectares with a built-up area of 230,000 square metres. There are about 11700 full-time students, the number of  teaching and administrative staff totals nearly 700 faculties,among whom is over 560 teaching staff .In addition, there are 23 professors and about 140 associate professors, 40 with doctoral degree, about 200 with master degree(including postgraduate students) and 4 foreign experts for education, 20 guest professors.

        The University has 12 directly-affilited departments such as Chinese, English, Arts, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History ,Physical Education, Pedagogy, Economics and Law, Computer Science&Tchnology and Management .There are 33 full-time undergraduate courses in Chinese language and literature, English, fine arts and design, international trade and economy, inorganic nonmetalic material engineering, electrical engineering and automation, computer science and technology, marketing, applied psychology etc. and 26 University courses on commercial English, tourism management and modern pedagogy and technology etc. There are eight subjects covering literaturesciencehistoryengineeringlawmanagementeconomics and pedagogy.

        The University has a library with a collection of nearly 600,000 books, a computer reading room, and two publications of “ Journal of Chaohu University” and “ Newspaper of Chaohu University”.

        ChaohuUniversity has been developed into a comprehensive institution of higher education with its own characteristics and academic standards which compliments the social and economic development of ChaohuCity and Anhui province. The University stresses the basic and central functions of teaching and learning with its key and specific tasks, and has the advantage of being located in a beautiful natural environment with its profound tourist resources and cultural heritage.

        The University has been successively awarded “the National Model University in the Construction of Spiritual ” “the National Model University in Social Practice” and “the National Model University in Art Education ” by the Ministry of Education , and “the University of Garden”, “the University of  Afforestation”, “ the University of Civilization” and “ the Model University of Civilization” by provincial government as well. In January of 2009,we are awarded "the National Model University".

        In order to cater to the requirements of internationalization and the development of information society, Chaohu University focuses on the international cooperation and exchange in education. It has adopted an open policy in developing higher education by having sought international cooperation with the universities and Universitys in Japan, South Korea, the United States and Australia.




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